Gianna, The MC

As a compassionate and licensed consultant, Gianna is in the business of caring. Every day, she partners with youth, adults, businesses and families to upgrade their mindset and financial trajectory . The ultimate goal is to develop a goal-oriented, realistic, energizing, action-based and time-aligned life plan. Gianna is also a Spelman graduate and certified educator delivering financial literacy workshops across the country. Internationally known as “The Money Cheerleader,” this sagacious MC proves that with right leadership, the right level of cheer and the right budget, every person in her program achieves life-changing transformations.


Our Get Fin Lit experience engages, educates and enriches, both scholars and parents. From financial literacy, leadership, entrepreneurship and social/emotional health, our Money Cheerleader team impacts thousands each year.


Our Go Big Get Better, GB 2, signature program is designed for go-getters who are ready to level up in their thinking, income and happiness. From building budgets to designing business plans, we partner with individuals who know they want and deserve more.


Gianna offers a refreshing perspective on the art of budgeting. She proclaims the power of designing a budget to match life experiences, not simply the basic day-to-day expenses. At this merger, readers and audiences turn the key to a fulfilling life. This thought-provoking piece highlights the beneficial R.O.I yielded by budgeting on purpose. The doors to past experiences molding our current wealth perspective are addressed and closed as Gianna bridges each person a newly-designed thought process and greatness. The works is infused with interactive activities and steps to construct the goal-based budget foundation. Strategically aligned with the 8 core areas of life and research proven tools, each reader believes he or she can have it all.

Get Engaged

The clock hits 4:00 every day! This gives us a full 24 hours to develop and execute a path, both professional and financial. We partner with you to make these goals achievable milestones. This is a quest for you, your family and your legacy to rise to greater heights in life. Let’s go!

Give Back

Giving back is at the core of business. Gianna and the MCs partner with colleges, corporations, churches and families to deliver ground-breaking workshops. To date, her impact has reached over ten thousand people and she is just getting started. Book Gianna for your next event.

As the great Oprah Winfrey says, “to move forward, you must give back.” Giving back is a year-long practice that we hold at our core. We realize the importance of sewing positive seed into the community we serve, both in Georgia and across the nation.

About Me

Gianna Brown is a global powerhouse. She debunks stereotypes and helps people create a healthy and wealthy life.

Partnering with businesses and individuals, from age 8 to 88, Gianna shows people how to leverage their voice, vote and dollars.

“Ms. Brown truly wowed me with her sense of passion, care, and commitment for my financial being. Not only am I closer to becoming debt free, but I secured a financial foundation for my family. Gianna works tirelessly and is the light on the dark path to reaching my financial dreams.”

“Gianna unveils the true beauty of a budget, a financial plan and even entrepreneurship..”

Candace Williams

Co-founder of Journey Pillow

“I encourage anyone looking to change their economic “life” status to call Gianna: I did.”

Pastor Corey Hambrick

Total Life Church