From Valdosta’s country roads to Atlanta’s busy highways, this Spelman graduate is committed to helping people build sustainable, global empires. From the age of 12, Gianna formed community-based enterprises profiting thousands each year. Coupled with her unwavering passion to educate and empower individuals,  families and businesses, Gianna yields transformative results for each client. 

The MC is a revolutionary speaker seamlessly connects a person’s life and financial goal in each plan she designs. From 3 months to 84 years young, every client gains an invaluable professional and financial foundation. Clients become more confident and financially literate as Gianna designs a tailored “goal-based budget.” Credit score growth, asset accumulation, life insurance and investments are only the beginning.

Known for her coined motto, “give each dollar a goal,” Gianna leads people up the staircase to a fulfilling life and a golden legacy. This mission is the galvanizing seed for the globally-renowned author and the communities’ “MC.” With the educational tools and economic platforms, her client’s and business partners achieve a 4G Legacy. Gianna and her squad of visionaries operate offices across the United States.

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Gianna unveils the true beauty of a budget, a financial paln and the even entrepreneurship.

Candace Williams

Co-founder of Journey Pillow